June 13, 2018

Hey guys, I am Manish and today i will show you step by step the methods of doing Advanced SEO. Do you know, SEO is currently most competition industry in digital world. I am here to provide you step by step and simple methods for beginners to follow and do their website/blog SEO based. So, I will not waste time let's begin now.

Advanced SEO To Rank No. 1 On Google

1. Keyword Research

You can research on Keywords free by Google. First of all, type your word in search box and you'll see different suggestions which have good search on Google and you can rank your keyword based on it.

This is the way to find a perfect keyword to rank on google. The another way i use to find keywords is SEMRush its a paid tool which provides benefits to find keywords and have different features like Organic Research, Backlinks, Position Tracking, Site Audit, Social Media Tracking, Social Media Poster, Brand Monitoring e.t.c. and many others.


2. Content SEO Friendly (On-Page SEO)

After Keywords Research, your main work will be writing the content based on the keywords. Firstly, If you are ranking keyword is 'SEO in Kolkata' then use that Keyword as the title of the content and include it in URL of the content. This will help your content to optimize SEO friendly and helps google to crawl your website on top of the pages. You need to make content genuine and appropriate and helpful to users so that they can stay on your website for a long time it will help you when users will stay Google bot will understand that you have something which is helpful and automatically your website will rank on top of the page.

3. Do Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is one of the most important factor in Advanced SEO. Now, first step is link building, when your website is linked on any other website and people visit your website from their website, that is called Link Building. It takes essential part in SEO ranking Keywords. Also you can comment on blog posts of differents blogs/site it will count as backlinks. You can also use Paid tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush E.T.C.

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These are some of the steps which you must follow to rank your website no. 1 on Google. If you need more information regarding any of the topics you may comment below i will reply you soon as possible with my personal experience whatever knowledge i have gained till now.

Advanced SEO
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