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April 22, 2019

People usually ask about blogging tips which can help them to become a successful blogger in 2020.

To be a successful blogger you need to make strategies for branding your blog which is very important in 2020.

Do not just come to make money from blogging because this will lead you to a big failure you won't be educating through your blog and quality of your blog may be poor.

To maintain a blog its very tuff but starting a blog is very easy. 

So, let me share my learning's which I learnt through blogging in past years.

Best Blogging Tips For Beginners 2020

These blogging tips are for newbie bloggers which might help them to a successful blogger.

1. Make Plan and Work on Your Plan

When you are starting a blog make sure you make a plan on how will you grow your blog, How will you monetize your blog, how will you do keyword research for your blog etc. 

So, after making your plans just work according to your plan with passion and try to grow your blog increase traffic of your blog and start monetizing your blog.

2. Make Blogging Strategy

Apart from planning for blog, you also need to make strategy for blogging like how many articles you'll produce in a day or week, how much time will you spend on your blog daily e.t.c.

Making money from blog is not as easy you think you need to give your time and treat is as serious business. 

3. Write Long Articles

The more depth in your articles leads you to improve in your rankings.

I recommend to write atleast 1200+ words and if possible add more and more information in your article but do not repeat same thing again and again.

There are no limitations in words write as much as you can. If you have no sub topics to write more about try to use LSI Keywords in your blog and describe about the topics.

These will lead to improve your organic search visibility in search engines.

4. Write for Users not for Google

You might have heard a lot about this, Right? 😛 

This is the biggest reason why newbie bloggers doesn't succeed. 

Try to write and attract your readers because user-intraction is more important if you want to grow you blog. 

The more you give your reader the more views you get, because in the end reader is important.

5. Make Social Media Presence

At present the power of social media is very large scale and you can generate a lot of traffic.

Not only that, Social signals helps to improve your ranking in search engines.

You can also create your community on Social Media by creating Facebook group and Page.

6. Ask Readers Opinion in comment section

When you ask your reader about their opinion they gonna share in comment box and it will create a feel in readers to participate more.

Do as much as conversation possible with your readers this will let you know more about their thinking.

7. Use SEO-Friendly Theme

If you want to get succeed your blog layout and design plays a very vital role. Now, there are huge Free and Premium themes in the market which you can try up.

Always choose a seo-friendly theme and user friendly. 

Check out what Tools I Use one this blog.

8. Use Effective & Catchy Title

If you want to drive more traffic to your blog then you must use effective & catchy title which tends user to click on result in search engine.

Check out some examples of catchy title.

9. Create Relation with your Niche Bloggers

This tip is very important if you want to grow your blog. 

The more good relation you build with the other bloggers the more you learn from each other.

If you want to create a relation with the bloggers just comment on their blogs or email them. One of the best way is social media you can connect on social media as well.

10. Learn On-Page SEO To Up Rank Higher

Try to learn the basics of SEO which can help you to rank up higher on search results and get some traffic.

There are two types of SEO:

1. On-Page SEO

2. Off-Page SEO.

Learn On-Page SEO, which will help you to get better results on search engine and increase your traffic.

With time you can learn Off-Page SEO which is Advanced SEO which will improve your blog to reach more people with the rankings in search engine.

This was all from my end. 

If you have any tips or your opinion do comment and let everyone know about your opinion. 

best blogging tips
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Manish Sharma

I am an affiliate marketer & a blogger. I started my blogging career in 2015, and never looked back.

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