April 29, 2020

Are you looking to collect PayPal payments on your WordPress site?

It's now very simple to accept payment on your WordPress sites with WPForms.

But before getting started I would like to tell you the requirement.

You would require a WPForms PRO License to access the Addons.

So, If you already don't have WPForms pro license you can get one today, Get WPForms 50% OFF .

WPForms License
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So, Let's get started.

How To Collect PayPal Payment on WP Site?

It's very simple now with WPForms all you need to do is follow my steps after you get your WPForms PRO License.

  • #1 Install WPForms and Install "PayPal Standard Addon"

The first step is to install the WPForms and then Install the "PayPal Standard Addon".

Installing PayPal Addons
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  • #2 Create a new form using "billing/order form"

Billing order form
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Now, create a new billing/order form and then choose the fields you required into the form. Well, PayPal needs only one field to work properly: an items field (i.e. a Single Item, Multiple Items, Checkbox Items, or Dropdown Items field whichever you wish).

  • #3 Add PayPal Payments To Your Form

Now, you need to connect PayPal payments to your form. To do so, Click on "Payments" and enable paypal standard payments.

PayPal Standard
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You have to fill few options:

  • PayPal Email Address: Enter Your PayPal email ID, where payment will be sent.
  • Mode: Select Production or Sandbox/Test if you are testing.
  • Payment Type: You may select Products and Services or Donation
  • Cancel URL: If users don’t complete payment on PayPal, Users will redirect to this URL.
  • Shipping: If you’re shipping a product to the user, you can choose to ask for and require an address field.

After entering all fields you can save them.

That's it. You can now add this form on any page using embed option on top.

If someone submits the form they will be redirected to PayPal for the payment. I hope this helps you.

How to Collect Paypal Payments on Your WordPress Site
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