August 13, 2020

Are you looking to create an Order form in WordPress? If you are looking to offer an simple order form to your customers then read this post till the end.

Before getting started you will need a WPForms Pro license. You can get it from here.

So, without wasting your time let's get started. I prefer you to read till the end.

How To Create an Order Form in WordPress?

Follow these steps to create an order form on your WordPress website.

Step 1: Getting started with Order Form

First of all, you will need an WPForms PRO license and then install & activate the plugin in your WordPress. 

Now, follow these steps to create an order form. 

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Then go to WPForms >> Add New.
  • Enter the name of the form whatever your wish.
  • Now, Select the inbuilt template "Billing /Order Form".

Order form
  • Save
  • Now, Modify the section "Available items" section and you can rename the field name and the price.
Customize Available Items WPForms
  • Save

Step 2: Configure Order Form Notifications

Form Notifications are a great method to email order forms to clients when they submit on your website. You could even receive emails whenever clients submit order forms. Until you disable this feature, you could obtain those notifications.

  • Now, Go to Settings tab and then click on Notifications.
  • Click on Show Smart Tags on the right hand side of Send to Email Address.
Smart tags notifications WPForms
  • Save
  • Choose Email which will send the order form to a customer-provided email address.
Smart tags email WPForms
  • Save

You can configure the following fields in the order form.

  • Email Subject.
  • From Name.
  • From Email.
  • Reply-to.
  • Message.

After you finish, click on save.

Step 3: Configure Order Form Confirmations

Form Confirmation is when the clients submits the order froms and the messages are displayed to them.

  • Message. This is the default confirmation type in WPForms. When a customer submits an order form, a simple message confirmation will appear letting them know their form was processed.
  • Show Page. This confirmation type will take customers to a specific web page on your site thanking them for their order.
  • Go to URL (Redirect). This option is used when you want to send customers to a Landing page/different website.

Just below Notifications Tab you will Confirmation tab, click on the tab. Then choose the type of confirmation you want to use. And then fill the additional details and save it.

Step 4: Configure Payment Settings

If you are looking to collect payments you need to configure the payment settings.

For that you need to install the payment addons which you want to use. WPForms provides PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.Net addons.

After installing and activating the addons you need to go to Payments tab and select the processor which you need to integrate and follow the additional steps asked.

Paypal setting WPForms
  • Save

You may follow the below articles for more details.

Ref: PayPal setting in WPForms

Ref: Stripe Setting in WPForms

That's it. You are finally ready with the order from.

 Now you need to add your form to your site. You can add in any post/page or on sidebar. 

You have to edit the post/page and see for WPForms option and pick the form which you created as shown in the image below.

selecting order form
  • Save

And similar step to follow to add in the sidebar, you have to add the WPForms widget and pick the form which you created.

Now, if you want to use without online payments you can skip the last step.

I hope this post helps you to create an order form in WordPress.

How To Create an Order Form in WordPress
  • Save

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