Here’s how we work

When we recommend a product or service, it’s only after we’ve tested and reviewed it ourselves. If we don’t like it, we say so, whether we have an affiliate or referral relationship with the company or not. Unlike other sites who’ll do anything to make a quick buck, we do not recommend something we wouldn’t use ourselves. We never engage in the shady practice of only ever recommending the companies who we have the best commercial relationship with.

While we do have to make money to run our business, we will never compromise our editorial freedom or integrity.

Advertisers and referral fees

Some of the links you’ll see on our site let us earn referral fees if you click through and make a purchase. This helps us fund the site. However, we also post many links to sites and services with which we have no affiliate relationship. If we recommend something and provide a link to it, it’s because we believe it’s a genuinely good offering and that it’s worth your time to go take a look at it.

If a link is an affiliate link, when you click through and eventually make a purchase, we earn a referral fee.

However, you should know that clicking on these links will not cost you anything extra if you go on to make a purchase. Sometimes, where we’ve negotiated special deals, you’ll actually save money. 

Wait, what about my privacy?

We don’t compromise your privacy. Referral fees and affiliate links might sound a bit invasive, but they’re not. Some of the biggest brands in the world, ranging from Amazon to Apple, have affiliate programs and some of the biggest tech publications partner with them and other affiliate programs to generate revenue and keep bringing you the content you love. The only reason we use these links is to make sure that, if you make a purchase, our referral fee is properly credited to us. That’s it.

We’d like your support, but the choice is yours

Affiliate or referral fees support this site and our expert team of writers, researchers, editors, and more. It doesn’t cost you anything and allows us to keep producing informative, honest content to help our readers make the right purchasing decisions. But the choice, of course, is yours. If you want to avoid all tracking and remain anonymous online, then we understand and respect that choice. So much so that we recommend you sign up for a quality VPN to hide your IP and browsing activity.

Any questions?

Head over to our contact page if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help.