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February 3, 2020


In Today’s online competitive world for your website success, web hosting plays a major role. Therefore, it is the top segment to invest your hard-earned money to choose the right web hosting review service. It is very important for your successful online website or blog. 

To choose the right one, is the decisive factor for any online business, blogger and marketer. 

Today, in this article, we are reviewing details about DomainRacer web hosting service reviews. This is a one of the best-recommended cheap website hosting service provider company in the market. 

Let’s find out the in-depth reviews of DomainRacer hosting reviews? 

Think to Choose Right and Best Web Hosting?

The criteria for best web hosting might differ for every website owner, blogger or marketer. It is depending on their website requirements, needs and budget.

If you are researching for the best web hosting service provider, then there are few points you must consider selecting the right web hosting company.  

Top Essential Features Must Check of Great Web Hosting Reviews:

  • Attention to the SSD Storage Amount Provided 
  • Check to Website Performance and Services
  • Robust Security Tools and Features
  • Check Number of Domains and Subdomains
  • User-Friendly and Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Creative Email Account and Features
  • Check Uptime Provided by Web Hosting Company

There are website server hosting service providers available in the market. They claim to be the top web hosting providers and they are providing best reseller hosting reviews. 

It is most essential for you to choose a trusted best web hosting India reviews. That provides praiseworthy features, uptime and customer support.  

We understand it is might difficult to choose the right web hosting provider from the various hosting options available out there. 

Therefore, today we are going to share our in-depth “DomainRacer review”. This will surely help you to fulfill all of your requirements.

DomainRacer Review – Trusted Web Hosting.

In this full DomainRacer review, we will put their service to test. So that you can conclude and decide which is right for you?

  1. About DomainRacer Company 
  2. Top Key Features – You Should Have to Considers
  3. DomainRacer Web Hosting Price and Plans
  4. About the DomainRacer Performance & Uptime
  5. DomainRacer Support and Customer Service
  6. DomainRacer Tutorials and Knowledge Base 
  7. World-Wide Data Center Location
  8. Final Thoughts on DomainRacer


  • About DomainRacer Company  


DomainRacer is an Indian based web hosting company and founded in 2012.

DomainRacer is one of the trusted and recommended web hosting services due to its outstanding features, support, and reasonable prices. 

DomainRacer is the fastest growing company to offer a variety of hosting services that include shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server and many other enterprises hosting solutions.

In terms of support and price, DomainRacer always is the first preference. They are absolutely the best service provider to start a business. 

It is almost 47000+ customers join their domain and hosting service and still counting. 

If you are looking for the cheapest KVM VPS hosting provider for budget then DomainRacer is the first choice for your business, which can host your website or blog at the just cheap price of $0.99 per month.  

#Overall Ratings of DomainRacer Hosting Reviews

domainracer reseller hosting review
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  • Top Key Features – You Should Have to Considers  


Selecting the right web hosting company can be a challenging task. But here DomainRacer reseller hosting reviews help you to select the perfect web hosting to offer the best performance and features. 

Let’s Talk about DomainRacer Reviews of Top Key Features and Benefits:   

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate – DomainRacer offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with all web hosting plans. You don’t require paying any extra charges to get an SSL Certificate for your web hosting plans. HTTP/3 and QUIC protocol is designed to be faster and speeds up the website connection and sharper data transfers over the connection.
  • CloudLinux Infrastructures: – CloudLinux feature utilizes to improve your virtual server environment and stability for your web hosting environment for all residents.
  • LiteSpeed Cache Technology:  DomainRacer offers the best Advantages of LiteSpeed Services. The main factor of LiteSpeed technology to boost your website speed and increase the loading time of site pages.
  • Development Friendly Services: – Get all the things that you need to the required such as multiple languages PHP, MySQL and support version of PHP7 for better performance and security.

domainracer.com details hosting review
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DomainRacer provides ultra-fast and extra secure security tools like Imunify 360, Imunify AV+, ModSecurity, DDoS protection, and Firewall. Keep your hosting service safeguard against suspicious activity and attacks, these tools help to contribute your site overall protection. 


  • DomainRacer Web Hosting Price and Plans


DomainRacer web hosting plans offer very affordable and reasonable price plans. It is the best service for all types of bloggers, marketers and businesses. 

domainracer web hosting price reviews
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Their shared web hosting plans are besides separated into four different sections depending on the user requirement.  

Shared hosting plans started at $0.99 per month, And the best thing all plans include Free SSL certificates. 

Also, they provide Free Domain Name with their advanced plans, so you can easily host an unlimited website with unlimited bandwidth.

Their Plans Structures as shown in Bellow:

Hosting Plans   Price SSL       SSD Space    Email Ids         Host Site

Basics               $0.99 Free     1GB 10                 1

Personal            $1.69      Free Unlimited      Unlimited 1

Silver                $2.9        Free     Unlimited   Unlimited       3                                                        

Advanced         $4.29       Free        Unlimited Unlimited       Unlimited


  • About The DomainRacer Uptime and Performance Testing 


The DomainRacer’s next and main factor is performance and uptime. We have tested all DomainRacer server performance and uptime, they use top class technology to increase performance like LiteSpeed Technology, CloudLinux platform, HTTP3/ and QUIC, Pure SSD disk.

domainracer hosting server reviews
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Moreover, they offer unlimited pure Solid State Drives (SSDs) disk space in all their existing web hosting plans. 

Server uptime is one of the best and important factors while choosing the right web hosting platform. The main value of most of the web hosting providers is verified by how many times of downtime it faces. 

Now nobody craves that their website goes through unexpected downtime. As per my experience of web hosting reviews, DomainRacer is the great servers to provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all their packages and there support team always monitoring server. 


  • DomainRacer Support & Responsiveness Service


The other main aspect of choosing the right web hosting is the support team. It plays a major role in your web hosting journey. Suppose if the support team is not reachable or not reliable to assist, you should there be any queries? 

Then, DomainRacer is right for your web hosting because of their support team interactively reach at any time 24/7/365 days.

Their support team is best to assist its clients conveniently and there are different ways to connect their support systems such as Live Chat, Ticket, Email, Phone and WhatsApp Chat, etc. 

While selecting the best web hosting service, customer reviews also play a really significant role. So let’s take a small tour of DomainRacer customer best web hosting reviews:-

                      #Customer reviews for DomainRacer best Web hosting

domainracer reseller hosting buyer review
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domainracer hosting customer reviews 2020
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  • DomainRacer Tutorials and Knowledge Base

knowledgebase domainracer guidance 2020
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DomainRacer provides various helpful assets, which will surely help you grow your business and solve the website related problem. 

Their resources come in the form of  350+ YouTube Video Series, Knowledgebase, Blog and Article. Using these resources you can easily scale up your blog and business website. 


  • World-Wide Data Centre Location 


As DomainRacer hosting reviews point, it utilizes top tier data center server locations around the world – India, UK, USA, Singapore, France, Germany, and Canada. You can choose the preferred data center location, there is no additional cost for selecting a server location.  

                                        #DomainRacer Hosting Server Location

domainracer reseller hosting guidance review
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All DomainRacer Server locations provide more flexibility to deliver fully redundant networks and performance for utilizing the latest technologies.     

Also, all data center servers are monitored by system administrators and technicians dedicated team to securing maximum uptime and reliability. 

Final Thoughts on DomainRacer Hosting Reviews,

I hope this article helps you to give a detailed review of DomainRacer web hosting and these will help you to buy the right decision for web hosting services. 

We already have seen DomainRacer reseller reviews with enough features and benefits. From this all explanation, you will get that this web hosting service fulfils your entire requirement and one of the best facts is they offer cheaper prices as compared to other hosting providers. 

From this article, you will get a clear idea about “DomainRacer Web Hosting Reviews“. In terms of comparing their major services like price, features, storage, reliable, affordable and benefits offer a lot of essences.  

For those reasons, I will share all the statistics about DomainRacer reseller web hosting reviews like Performance, Server Uptime, Prices, and Speed Tests. 

domainracer hosting review 2020
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