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August 4, 2018

Hello Friends, I'm Manish and today I will talk about What is a good bounce rate in google analytics and how does it affect in the SEO of the blog/Website. You may heard the word Bounce rate before as well. So, without wasting anytime let's get started.

First of all, Every blogger dream is to index their blog post faster and start getting traffic from search engine. I have already explained before how to rank on google and start getting traffic.

These are important and you should read them carefully. Now, Bounce rate in google analytics is heard by you'll is mystery for many people. You don't need to worry I will explain everything in this post.

What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics ?

Bounce Rate in Google Analytics refers to the time spent by a user on the blog or website. In other sense, its an percentage of single page session and its an important aspect in the SEO as well.

Is Bounce Rate a SEO Signal ?

Every blogger wants to know this answer. I recently attended Google Search Conference, Kolkata and I have asked the same question to the Google Experts their answer was "No". Though the answer was No, I still believe that Bounce rate is a SEO Signal. It's an SEO Signal because when a user visits blog and stays for long time it provides a signal to GoogleBot that there is something better in the quantity so that the users are staying on the blog.

What is a Good Bounce rate High Bounce rate or Low bounce rate ?

High bounce rate is generated when the users visits your site and goes back in just few seconds and low bounce rate is generated when user stays on your page for along time also visits more post which provides page views. So, You must know that low bounce rate is best because when the users stays for a long time on website or blog it provides a good signal.

How to Check Bounce Rate?

Now, one of the most important question is how to check bounce rate, So, basically there are two ways you can check bounce rate:

  • Alexa : The first way to check bounce rate is alexa site info which is updates on daily basis.
  • Google Analytics : The second and best option to check Bounce rate is Google Analytics which is best because it has live stats and bounce rate.
How to Check Bounce Rate ?  Good Bounce Rate
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What is A Good Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

This is the question which every blogger asks and search for answers. Now, a good bounce rate in google analytics or alexa is less than 60%. Everyone has different thoughts on a good bounce rate but as per my experience and knowledge a good bounce rate is 60%.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate in Google analytics ? [Best Tips of 2020]

In my opinion, I will try to provide as much knowledge and experience I have in the field.

Best 2020 tips to reduce bounce rate in Google Analytics:

  • Web Design and Theme: 

The best and most important tip to reduce bounce rate is having an simple and attractive web design with the best and light theme. You must optimize website with simple design and better view in both desktop and mobile. Website and blog must be fast and easy to read by the users and let people to stay on website and blog. Website and blog speed is recommended faster and theme should be designed well.

You must try to reduce loading time of your website which is most important factor in reducing the bounce rate. You must make a mobile friendly website and also add AMP version on your website which is decreasing the bounce rate of website as well.

  • Quality Content and On-Page SEO

This is the best tip you can reduce bounce rate in 2020, as google update august 2018 Algorithm which have affected the blogs traffic which doesn't had any quality content has decreased their traffic around more than half of their previous months. You need to create quality content that is content which helps users to find an informative knowledge on the blog or website. 

On-Page SEO is most important which includes small paragraphs and up to knowledge content only no other things must be added into it which is not related to topic. You must add interlinking of your other articles into the post.

  • Attractive and Effective Post Title and Description

Your blog/website post title must be effective and attractive for users to click and read your posts its and amazing and best tip to reduce bounce rate and increase more traffic and page views. 

  • Eye Catching Images/Pictures

You must use eye catching images/pictures on you bog so that it may help users to attract on it and let them read more. You must use eye catching featured image to get more pages views from readers. Also you must optimize images as SEO Friendly by adding ALT tag into images.

So, these were some best and working tips to reduce your bounce rate in 2020. If you have any questions regarding anything you can simply comment below and ask me I will definitely reply you as soon as possible.

What Is A Good Bounce Rate In Google Analytics ? [Explained]
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Manish Sharma

I am an affiliate marketer & a blogger. I started my blogging career in 2015, and never looked back.

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