September 3, 2018

Hello Friends, I'm Manish Sharma and today I will share How to add Google AMP in Blogger. Some people who are not able to add Google AMP in blogger this will help them to add google AMP in blogger.

What is Google AMP ?

AMP refers to Accelerated Mobile Pages which helps the page load faster in google. This helps to reduce bounce rate which is an SEO signal to rank any keyword. 

Is it Important to Use Google AMP ?

 In my opinion, you must use Google AMP if your site speed in mobile is low or average. Now, If your site speed is low and your not using Google AMP then it can affect your SEO because the Bounce Rate will increase as the user will not stay on your site.

How To Add Google AMP in Blogger ? [Step By Step]

To add AMP in Blogger you need to have a basic knowledge of coding if you have then its easy for you to add AMP into your Blogger blog. 

Follow these steps Carefully:

  • Google AMP Blogger Templete

First of all, Download Google AMP Blogger Templete also you can download any other theme which supports AMP there are lots of Free themes and Paid theme available.

After Downloading just upload the theme into blogger.

  • Make post in AMP

Now, one of the major question is how to make post in AMP, so for that you need to use AMP tags for AMP Image, AMP Video, AMP Adsense Ads.

Now while writing a post you must select HTML not compose. You need to remove everything from there as div codes are present which provides error to AMP format posts. 
Note: If you don't remove the page will not be converted into AMP in google.

If you add image to blogger you need to make it AMP friendly Image for that you need to add simple code.

<amp-img src="Artboard-2.png" alt="DigitalTricksTips" height="450" width="700"></amp-img>

You need to just add "amp- " as its bold in the above code and your image will be AMP friendly. 
You need to add your image URL by replacing " Artboard-2.png " and you can give your alt text so that it can help you improve your ranking in Google

  • Make Adsense AMP Ads

Now, to add adsense AMP ads in blogger just simply copy this below code.


Now, just change "123456789" in code with your Adsense Publisher ID that's it. Your ads will be now AMP Ads in blogger. 

  • Add AMP Video

Making AMP video you just need to simply copy the below code:

< amp-video width="480"height="270"src="/video/tokyo.mp4"poster="/img/tokyo.jpg"layout="responsive"controlsautoplay>

Your browser doesn't support HTML5 video.

Now, replace the URL of Src which is in Bold with your Video URL. That's it these was how you can Add Google AMP in Blogger. 

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If you have any queries regarding anything please do comment and let us know.

How To Add Google AMP in Blogger ? [Step By Step]
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