July 10, 2019

Are you looking for signature signed forms in WordPress? If yes, then you are at the right place, I'm gonna share how to create the signature form using WPForms.

Signature form by WPForms
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Pic Credit: WPForms

How to Create a Signature Form with WPForms?

So, let's have a look how we can create the form.

Step #1 : Creating Signature Form

So, to start creating the signature form you need to install "WPForms" plugin and activate it. 

After activating the plugin, go to WPForms >> Addons and look for Signature addon as seen in the image below just Install the addon.

Signature Addon - WPForms Addons
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After you have done above installation now create a form with "Blank form" in templete section so that we can create signature form from scratch.

Now go to "Fields" Section and then in "Fancy fields" and click on Signature form as shown in image below.

WPForms Signature from builder
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Now, you must set this field as "Required" from "Field options". 

And then click on save button on top.

Step #2 : Configure Form Settings

There are 3 settings to configure in form settings.

  1. General: You can edit form name, description, submit button.
  2. Notification: Whenever the form is submitted on your website you will get a notification in your email.
  3. Confirmation:  Confirmation are those messages which shows to those who submits the form on your website. WPForms has 3 types of confirmation to choose from: Message, Show Page, and Redirect.

Step #3 : Create & Publish Service Agreement

Now, let's add service agreement form on your page and make it publish.

Go and create a new page, and name your new page whatever you like. And add the service agreement text.

So, now just add service agreement click on the (+) icon. Now search for the WPForms block using the search box and click on it.

Next, select the service agreement form which we created from dropdown box to add it to your page. 

That's it and then just Publish. 

So, this was all how you can create signature form using WPForms.

how to create signature forms
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