September 6, 2018

Affiliate Marketing is an free and easiest and fastest way to make money online.

After hearing that people who are providing traffic on site/blog are not at all satisfied with pay per click networks according to the traffic.

Well, Now those are switching to Affiliate Marketing as I did few months back and am getting satisfactory revenue with the traffic I have.

How To Become Successful In Affiliate Marketing?
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How To Become Successful In Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money by promoting products or services and earning commissions whenever someone purchases from your source.

Well, you don't need to go into the details of buying and selling and neither have to set up a website for selling products.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate marketing works on a commission based referral system where you sign up in an affiliate program and earn revenue by making the sales. 

You just need to reach your readers mind what he wants and just share with them what they need with appropriate knowledge to make sales.

Which is Better AdSense or Affiliate Marketing?

Almost every blogger use Adsense and mostly 95% approx are not satisfied with the revenue they are generating with their traffic. 

I am still using Adsense but what is the saddest part of using Ads Network like AdSense or similar to that is they provide us low RPM around $0.2 to $1.5 but have you ever thought its enough? 

Hence, As seen I found almost 70%+ people's account get banned without receiving any revenue Isn't it ?

So, if you are banned from such program or not earning much from CPC programs or you believe you should earn more revenue and not satisfied with current program, maybe then Affiliate marketing is for you.

How To Become Successful In Affiliate Marketing?
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How To Become Successful In Affiliate Marketing?

How To Become Successful In Affiliate Marketing?

Well, Its not so easy as you think to be a successful in Affiliate Marketing. You need to keep the basics and improve day by day. So, Let's begun.

#1 Selecting Niche

In Affiliate Marketing selecting a proper niche is one of the most important thing because if your pillers are not strong enough then you can't make most out of that.

I would suggest you concentrate on a single niche because working in single niche can make you sell more than selling everything in single blog/site. 

#2 Joining Affiliate's Programs

There are lot's of Affiliate programs among which here are few Affiliate Program which might help you earn and has good chance of selling. Soon, I will update and try to add as much as I can. 

#3 Marketing Strategy

Its an important aspect in Affiliate Marketing industry that you must have traffic now getting paid traffic will not help you to get traffic from Search Engine and Social Media Marketing which is one of the best way to get sales with only appropriate customers. It will help you to get only quality traffic to make only sales. You can even make community like on facebook and  promote Amazon Affiliate  and Flipkart Affiliate and start making sales start with few try to make it more day by day. 

#4 Audience Needs

You need to find that what your audience needs. If you start promoting wrong products which is not according to the audience needs that its a failure of yours in Affiliate Marketing. 

Now choosing a correct product is also an art which you have to think by putting yourself as a audience. 

To properly understand what your audience needs is to select a proper niche. For example, Someone searching for blogging will be more intrested in blogging tools etc not on Bikes or Cars.

#5 Spend Time

The one thing you need to do is spend time on it and don't go for shortcuts or fast results because results come after you give your exam properly. Agree ? So, Keep learning and keep spending time on it try new things you might learn more out of whatever knowledge I have.  There are people making five-figure (in $) income from affiliate marketing. You can also be one.

Final Words:

There are people who fear to start Affiliate Marketing as well but they don't want to leave AdSense or related network. Well, My suggestions would be you must go with both Affiliate as well as other network so I would help you to learn or may be a step in Affiliate Marketing for future. Do start don't wait for anything make efforts and become a Successful Affiliate marketer. Wish you a Good Luck!

If you have any queries regarding anything please do comment and let me know i'll respond to every question of yours.

How To Become Successful In Affiliate Marketing?
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Manish Sharma

I am an affiliate marketer & a blogger. I started my blogging career in 2015, and never looked back.

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  1. Hi,
    I have some blogs and they run only adsense. I’ve been thinking to put some extra to it like affiliate plugins or something relevant, but i need suggestions as there are so many options out there and i can’t afford some of those.
    There are also sites like revglue that are offering free list of plugins like this one revglue (.) com/free-wordpress-plugins with backed data of stores but i still need recommendations about it.
    So please if you can, look into it and help me sort things out.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Maxwell,
    You can promote products or service related to your niche, for example I am in blogging niche so I am promoting Hosting, Domains, Themes Plugins Etc..

    So join affiliate networks like Commission Junction and few more 🙂

    If you still face any problem you can ask anything 🙂

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