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February 14, 2020

Looking to improve your Internal link structure? You are missing out the game changer Internal Link builder WordPress plugin. 

What is Linkwhisper WordPress plugin?

Link Whisper is an popular WordPress Internal links management WordPress plugin. It helps to pass on the link juice from one page to another which we call "Internal Links SEO".

Link Whisper makes it very easy to analyze the entire WordPress site and it recommends the possible new internal links.

Internal links help Google to understand the context of your blog post and are very important for on-page SEO. They pass link juice to your pages and make it easy for search engine to crawl and index.

Link Whisper WordPress Plugin Review

Today, In this Link Whisper Review you get one of the best Internal link building plugin for WordPress which will help you to improve your Bounce rate, Increases average time on website, helps in improving the search engine crawling and many more.

I have been using this plugin from past couple of months and writing this review on Link Whisper which might help you in making your more easier.

Here is the screenshot of a example of how it works: (This is example of this post while writing)

Link Whisper Example
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You can select the Internal links you want to add in your content and just "Update post". 

That's simple and time saving.

Features & Benefits of Link Whisper

Here are few features & benefits of Link Whisper plugin:

1. Live Automatic Links Suggestion

Link Whisper Example
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The major and the most important feature or benefit of this plugin is that it suggests you the best possible Internal links while writing the content.

You have the full control on selecting the Anchor text for linking. This is one of the best feature of this plugin which is recommended to you for Internal links.

2. Internal Links Reports Dashboard

Reports dashboard Link Whisper
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The another great feature of this plugin is having a Internal links reports dashboard where you can analyze the Internal & External links of your website.

You can find articles with 0 Internal links and click on "+" icon and add internal links to 0 internal links pages.

3. Link Whisper Setting Dashboard

Link Whisper Settings dashboard
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Link Whisper has an settings page which offers the following features: Open the links in new tab(The links which you added in your content using this tool.), While selecting "Ignore Numbers" this tool will ignore all possible links which includes numbers. The next option is "Words to be ignored" for anchor text is another superb option. The another important option is Number of sentences to skip at the beginning of the posts.

Link Whisper Pricing - Is it worth purchasing?

Link Whisper offers 3 plans: Single site License(67$), 3-Site License(97$), 10-Site License($147). You may get the Link Whisper License based on number of sites you have.

Link Whisper Pricing
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I recommend you to get 10 site license and you can save $$ + you can share with your friend if you do not have 10 sites and charge them few $$ 😛

Link Whisper Discount Code

I have a discount code for my audience which will save you $10 on any plan you choose. Generally they do not offer discount code.

LinkWhisper Discount
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Exclusive $10 discount for BloggingFly users!


At the checkout to get the discount!

Click on the above button and get the discount!

Hurry up!! Limited time discount!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on Link Whisper

What does Link Whisper does? ​

Link Whisper helps you suggest the possible internal links to add with customizable anchor text which helps in On-Page SEO.

Is Link Whisper recommended for a new website?

If having a new websites managed by a single author, Link Whisper does not add much value. On the other hand, if you are running a multi-author content website on WordPress, it could help you. It's not recommended if you are having a new website which has lack of contents.

Who should buy Linkwhisper?

Link Whisper is best for any kind of WordPress website, including e-commerce websites on WordPress. The only exception is a brand new website, as they lack content.

DO you have any Link Whisper Coupon?

Yes we do have. You can use the discount code BLOGGINGFLY and get a discount of $10.

Here's the video which can help you with Link Whisper:

Link Whisper Review
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Manish Sharma

I am an affiliate marketer & a blogger. I started my blogging career in 2015, and never looked back.

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  1. Is plugin only compatible with wordpress? Can you use this on the blogger platform? My blog is currently hosted on blogger with a redirect from GoDaddy. I would love to use this plugin if it works on blogger.

  2. Internal linking is great way to boost the rankings. It will help to pass the juice from one article to another article.

    We have to make a internal linking form ranked articles to non ranked articles to boost the rankings.

    you explained very well.

    thank you for this post. keep come up with awesome stuff.

  3. Please ignore the previous comment….

    Why this plugin is not good for a new and single author blog? i am not getting this bro..

  4. It’s quite simple, If you have a single author blog you might have less content and its easy for you to make it manually why to waste money! If you have a huge content blog you can get this plugin. 🙂

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