November 1, 2018

 Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make money online. Today I'll Share How you can make money through MyThemeShop Affiliate Program. Let me tell you, MythemeShop is an WordPress themes & Plugins marketplace that offers free and premium WordPress themes and Plugins.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop is an marketplace of Free and Premium WordPress Theme & Plugins. It offers almost every kind of theme on any niche or business.

Their themes and plugins are once bought(Almost) and each theme can be used for lifetime for unlimited domains with 24×7 support.

They also offers MyThemeShop Membership for just $87, which give you access to all our 154 WordPress themes & plugins.

Not only that.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program lets you promote their Premium Plugins and Themes to customers and gives you commission for every referral/sale.

MyThemeShop is one of the most highest commission affiliate program out there which gives you Flat 55% of the sale amount as commission.

Now, their themes and plugins are superb which will definitely increase your sales with their reliable prices. It can Make even 3 figures or even 4 figures a month. 

Excited Right ? 

What are you waiting for ?

Create your FREE Account from here :

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program: Overview & Payment Details

Join MyThemeShop affiliate program and earn money recommending products to your friends and customers. They offer an industry leading 55% commission per sale.

MyThemeShop Themes are SEO friendly, powerful, elegant, customizable and they load ridiculously fast. With so many amazing features, they essentially sell themselves. You don't even need to convince someone.

Our themes have a very high conversion rate and we invite you to see the difference for yourself.

How much can you earn?

With just a little effort, you could be making a stable, passive monthly income promoting MyThemeShop products. Below is a rough calculation to show you how much you can make by recommending our products.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program
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This is how can generate money through Affiliate in Four-five Figures. Just a small Effort can make you earn more.

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Benefits of Promoting MyThemeShop Themes & Plugins

Apart from sharing best themes to your friends and customers you will have following benefits.

  • Industry Leading 55% Commissions
  • Over 150 Products to Choose From
  • No Minimum Payout Limit
  • 60-Day Return Cookie
  • High Conversion Rates Ensure Higher Earnings
  • Monthly Payouts
  • Two Tier Lifetime 10% Commission
  • Access to Insightful Reporting
  • 15 day user-affiliate relationship

How To Join MyThemeShop Affiliate program?

To Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program just follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click on ‘Sign Up' button.
  2. Now Enter your 'Name' and 'E-Mail Address' then click on 'Sign Up' OR you can connect with Facbook or Google. ​​​​
  3. Now you can Login to your dashboard with the Login Details.
  4. Now go to 'Affiliate Info' Tab and Go to 'Settings' add your PayPal Email and Save. 
  5. That's It. You are now part of MyThemeShop Affiliate. Start Making Money.

Are confused in promoting MyThemeShop Affiliates Program?

Don't worry I'll share few strategies.

How to Promote MyThemeShop Themes & Plugins?

The best part of MTS Affiliates is that they provide 55% commission on each sale + there's no minimum payout which is awesome. 

Isn't It ? 

Let me share few promotion techniques.

  1. Write Proper Themes & Plugin Reviews
    You need to writer reviews keeping following points into mind:
    > Write themes or plugins reviews as soon as any new themes or plugins launched.
    > Make a List post of themes and Plugins. (Example: Top 10 Best themes or Plugins)
    > Provide Proper detailed Information about themes in details so the user can find what they need.
  2. Write on Setup/Installation of Plugins and Customization on Themes.
  3. Do not spam MyThemeShop Affiliate Links this might terminate of you account in MyThemeShop.
  4. Create a Micro Niche Site.
    You can create micro niche blog or site can make more conversion rates than your main blog. Example, Create a Themes & Plugins Niche Blog and review them. People love the rating Themes & Plugins. It is easy to choose themes or plugins based on rating, loading speed, SEO and feature rich themes.
  5. You can also invite other Affiliates. 
    MyThemeShop also supports 2-tier affiliate system which can be used to generate a decent passive income.
    Invite as many sub-affiliates as you can and earn 10% of their earnings for lifetime. If a sub-affiliate earns $500 per month and you have 10 such sub-affiliates referred, you would get $50×10=$500 credited into your account without doing a single conversion.
MyThemeShop Affiliate Program: Earn 1000$ a Month
  • MyThemeShop Affiliate Program: Earn 1000$ a Month


MyThemeShop Affiliate program let’s you earn more than $1000 a month with its Premium themes and Plugins with just a small efforts. Now make money through MTS..

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Earn 1000$ a Month
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