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April 12, 2019

I am sure you have heard a lot about On-page SEO optimization.

You might have already heard about meta tags, keywords placement a lot. But I am gonna share some Ultimate secrets which could help you to bring more search engine traffic and rank you up higher in search results.

There are 2 factors while optimizing a site or blog post:

  • 1
     On-Page Optimization
  • 2
     Off-Page Optimization.

So, I would be sharing the ultimate secret to optimize your On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques To Rank Up Higher in 2019

You must keep these techniques in your mind while optimizing you blog:

1. Use SEO-Friendly URL

On-Page SEO: SEO Friendly URLs
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Google recently stated that 2-4 Words are given more priority than lengthy URLs. 

You can optimize by just making your URLs short. Try to use target keyword into the URL which gives you a boost.

2. Use SEO-Friendly PermaLink Structure

on page seo friendly permalink structure
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According to me you must use a SEO-friendly permalink structure which looks clean and pretty. 

Example: https://www.example.com/your-keyword-here

Permalink does matters a lot in SEO as per my experience.

3. Start Title With Target Keyword

You might have heard that your target keyword should be in your title but most of you might don't know that using your keyword in start of your title is a very important factor in On page SEO.

Tip: Do not always start your title with your keyword unless it have some meaning.

4. Use Target Keyword in Heading Tags

Use Headings Tags - Boost Organic Search Visibility On-Page Seo
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Your title tag is H1 where you can add your keyword.

Don't use too many H1 into the content you can stick to H2 or H3 for sections.

If possible use the keyword into the H2 or H3 once don't use too many H2 or H3 as well because we don't know how google algorithm works so try to be safe from your side.

Google’s Matt Cutts says on Heading tags:

5. Use Keyword First 100 Words

On-Page Seo
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You must add your keyword in first 100 words to let google bot know about your content.

Do not start content with any introduction as its meaningless.

6. Keyword Density

You must keep your keyword density below 2%. You must use LSI Keywords in the content instead using the target keyword because related keyword helps you to rank higher in search engine.

Keyword density might play a major role in long term.

My suggestion: You can use the keyword in first 100 words and then in the last paragraph and you can use anywhere where it makes sense.

7. Use Relevant Images

Always use images in your blog post its one of the important On-page seo factor.

Try to use keyword in 'Image title' and 'Alt Tag'.

Several reasons why images helps to rank up. Images creates more engagement and user spends more time on your blog.

8. Word Count

If your blog post doesn't have a lot of words then the post won't perform better in search results.

Try to write more than 1200 words the detailed you go helps you to perform better in search results.

9. Use Schema

By using schema, Google understands more about your post. 

With schema you can add star ratings in search engine, recipe, review, Local business, Events and many more.

On-Page SEO
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If you are using WordPress, You are recommended to use Schema Pro Plugin. The plugins helps you to quickly add different types of Schema.

10. Add Internal Links

interlinks - Boost Organic Search Visibility On-PAGE SEO
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You can place your related posts links into your post. 

Interlinking helps your reader to spend more time on blog by reading related posts and it also passes the juice to other posts.

Don't over use internal links just use 2-4 of your related posts.

11. Add External Links

This strategy is been one of the awesome strategy to gain more traffic.

External links helps google to figure out what your topic is about. So, try to add some authority sites when possible.

12. Add Social Sharing Buttons

You must use a social share buttons which helps reader to share the blog post on social platform and it helps you to get more social signals.

Social Share - Boost Organic Search Visibility
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If you are using wordpress you can use social warfare plugin for social sharing buttons.

13. Improve Site Speed

If you are running a site which loads slow then this might change your google rankings as well. 

That's because user doesn't like waiting and you need to optimize your site speed.

You can optimize your site speed by using a fast loading theme like GeneratePress Premium, a fast hosting like https://www.siteground.com/, Use caching plugins like Wpfc, Wp Rocket etc.

14. Improve User Experience

The more you improve the user experience the more use will stay on your blog or site.

Try to make your website or blog responsive and user friendly.

Do not use a difficult navigation which confuse the user and it provides bad impression on your blog.

So, this was all from my end.

Last Words:

Try to publish quality contents and encourage readers to comment on your blog posts. These are two things you need to focus on.

If you have any other techniques please do share in the comment box.

On-Page SEO
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Manish Sharma

I am an affiliate marketer & a blogger. I started my blogging career in 2015, and never looked back.

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