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January 13, 2019

In todays Digital World, Search Engine Optimization has become an very important part of every business. If you do not have a best SEO than you cannot reach to audience.

You need to know SEO and best tactics to create high quality content to boost your organic search visibility.

So, I'll share the best 10 tactics which can boost your Organic Search Visibility.

Without wasting time let's get started.

10 Tactics to Boost Organic Search Visibility Through Better Content

These are 10 techniques or tactics you must follow to boost your search visibility with your content.

1. Keyword Research

- Tactics to boost search visibility
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Keyword Research

You need to do a proper Keyword Research to find out the best keyword on which you can boost your search visibility higher. 

If you are starting a blog you need to focus on less competition keywords which means less volume keywords generally have less competition. 

Learn to do Keyword Research for more details read out this : Learn Keyword Research.

2. Implement Keywords in the Content

Keywords in Content - Boost Organic Search Visibility
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Keywords in Content

After the keyword research your important step is to implement the keyword properly into your content. 

That means you can add your keywords in Title, introduction, headings, conclusion which says google bot what your content is about. 

You can use your keyword in permalink as well because that's a SEO signal.


You must not add your keyword unnecessarily because that is a disadvantage for your content.

3. Write Long Contents

Write Long Content - Boost Organic Search Visibility
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Write Long Content

You must write long contents because google prefers more quality contents with detailed information whether it may be 2000 Words or 5000 words.

The Depth you go the more benefit you get. So, try to add as much as value you can provide into your content. 

If you want to rank higher and get higher search visibility than you need to spy on your competitor and write more than he did.

4. Add Related Images

You must add related images which are required. It looks good when you use a image into your content that helps in SEO and you will have more chances of ranking higher in search results. 

Always use Alt tags into your Images that will help your image to rank higher. Try to add images related to your content only.

5. Using Headings Tags

Use Headings Tags - Boost Organic Search Visibility
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Use Headings Tags

You should use headings tags into your content that tells google bot about your content. Heading tags is an very important SEO signal. 

You must try to include your keyword into the heading tags which tells what your content is about.

6. Use LSI Keywords

LSI Keywords
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LSI or Latent Semantic Index keywords are those related keywords which are related to your main keyword. 

  1. Related Keywords.
  2. Related to topic.
  3. Substitute Keywords.
  4. Synonyms.

These are few benefits LSI keywords can give you:

  1. Increases Content
  2. Improves Search Rankings
  3. Increases User Time
  4. Many more

You can refer to this article for more understanding of About LSI Keywords.

7. Do Proper Interlinks

interlinks - Boost Organic Search Visibility
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Interlinks play a major role in your content visibility in search. If you have a proper interlinks you will have a green signal to google bot which can improve your content accurate and complete.

You must not do irrelevant interlinks it might be negative for you. Just include the interlinks naturally where required or look your competitor how he has done it just learn from them and try to implement perfectly.

8. Optimize Meta Title & Description

Meta Title and Description - Boost Organic Search Visibility
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Meta Title and Description

Meta title and Description should be well optimized always use catchy titles and interesting description.

9. URL of the Content

URL of Content - Boost Organic Search Visibility
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URL of Content

Optimizing the URL of the content helps you google to understand about the content. I would prefer shorter URL that means I'll try to include only the keyword which will show what my content is about. 

10. Social Media Sharing

Social Share - Boost Organic Search Visibility
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Social Share

Well, should be implemented to your content perfectly. Your and is very important to reach more people through search. You need to understand your keyword and optimize title according to the keyword which looks good and try to use question type title i.e. .

Sharing your content on social media will help you to reach to people. This is because I believe that Social media are also search engine where people search. Like if they wants to check out your company they will try to search for you on social media which can help to gain social signals.

So, this is from my side if your have any other tactics do share with everyone in the comments section. 

You can try this tactics and see the results yourself. Do share your feedback into the comment section.

Boost organic search visibility
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Manish Sharma

I am an affiliate marketer & a blogger. I started my blogging career in 2015, and never looked back.

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