May 7, 2019

Have you ever noticed that a customer add the product to the shopping cart and suddenly they didn't want it? 

Yes, that's cart abandonment which reduces sales and its with almost everyone in 2019. 

After few research and information collected, we have found something cool for you which will reduce your cart abandonment in 2019.

What is Cart Abandonment?

Cart Abandonment refers to users who add products into the cart and leaves without purchasing it.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

This is the average reduce rate of shopping carts from 2006 to 2018. Check below shopping cart image.

average cart abandonment rate
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Credits: OptinMonster

The ecommerce shopping cart is very important to be interactive for users.

So, let's get started without wasting much time.

1. Add Security Badge

Well, today's new customers always wanted to trust to share the details. So, you must add the security badge and give a trust and confidence to the customer. 

reduce shopping cart abandonment - Security badges trust
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This will definitely increase your sales and reduce the cart abandonment.

If you use shopify trust badge you can add this app.

2. Add Exit-Intent Popups(Must Do)

After a lots of experiments by people I know, they shared that exit-intent popups does helps a lot to reduce the abandoned shopping carts.

Check this exit-intent popups by optinmonster

Add Exit-Intent Popups - reduce shopping cart abandonment
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You can add Exit-intent popups on any page, whether its shopping cart or checkout pages. It detects when a user is about to leave the page. It sends a popup message that encourages them to stay by offering a coupon or deal.

For this Exit-Intent Popups you must use OptinMonster the strong reason why this is recommended is its brilliant features.

With OptinMonster’s amazing campaigns, perfectly timed popups, and ability to help users make data-driven decisions you can stop losing sales and start maximizing profit. You can use it on woocommerce and shopify as well. Read more about optinmonster.

If you want to get started you can use this OptinMonster 50% OFF Coupon.

3. Show Cart Visible

The shopping cart icon visibilty is very important because this if you have no proper view to cart customers will leave. 

So, its important to have a clear view of the cart to reduce the abandoned carts. This could be an icon of cart or a button which have focused colour for customers attention.

4. Add More Payment Options

Approximnately, 56% of Online shoppers wants to see variety of payment as analysis by comscore.

You can include the cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Rupay(India) etc. You can also go for PayPal gateway.

I hope this is going to help you to reduce your checkout abandonment.

reduce shopping cart abandonment
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Manish Sharma

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