Google Analytics Scroll Depth Tracking by MonsterInsights

Scroll depth tracking shows how far users scrolls on any of your webpage.

If you want to add the feature in your site you need to have MonsterInsights Plus account, If you do not have MonsterInsights account you can have one for 50% OFF Discount on monsterinsights.

Why To Track Scroll Depth Tracking?

This data is very important nowadays as many of you might know it helps you to see if your user are reading your long posts and shows their interest in your content.

With the insights, you can optimize your pages for best user engagement and higher conversions.

Scroll Depth Tracking in WordPress with MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is one of the most popular google analytics plugin with more than 2 million + installs.

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You can install and add Googe Analytics in MonsterInsights using this.

After installing and activating you need to go to Insights >> Settings >> Engagement now see "Scroll Tracking" and then enable "Track Scroll Depth". Its enabled by default but in case its not active you can follow this.

monsterinsights scroll tracking
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It will then be tracked with Google Analytics as 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% scroll.

To check your insights you can hove to Insights » Reports » Publishers The Scroll depth insights is just next to interest section.

So, today I have shared how you can track Scroll Depth Tracking by using MonsterInsights. If you face any problems you can comment down below.

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