September 12, 2019

Looking to track for the keywords what people uses to find out your website?

If yes, then just read this till the end and believe me you'll love it. 

There are many options to view the keywords which people use to search and find your website. Here is the two I recommend to use.

1. Search Console

2. MonsterInsights (Recommended)

If your want to view your keywords using Search Console then you can head to "Performance" section in Search Console and look the queries which people uses to search as mentioned in the image below.

search console keywords
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This is how you can look for the keywords into search console.

But the another way is MonsterInsights which is easy and best way to view google analytics insights and more data straight in your WordPress dashboard, just follow this steps:

Step 1:  Install "MonsterInsights" plugin and activate it. There's an premium version of MonsterInsights which has extra addons and features you can have a look on their website. You must take PRO plan to access search console data and activate license.

Note: You can use this coupon to get 50% OFF on MonsterInsights for limited time.

Step 2: Now you need to connect your google analytics account with monsterinsights.

Step 3: To view search console report you need to head towards Insights » Reports and then click "Search Console" Tab from your WordPress dashboard.

Search Console Report
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This will help you to know your keywords and you can optimize them to rank higher in search ranking and gain more traffic.

Hope this helps to see keywords people use to find your website. If you have any queries you can ask in comments section.

Keywords People Use
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Manish Sharma

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