October 28, 2019

Do you want to set up Email logs with WordPress and track all your emails sent out through your website? 

So, this post is all about Email logs  set up with WordPress read till the end. 

How To Set up Email Logs With WordPress?

Just follow these simple steps to setup Email logs with WordPress:


First install & Activate WP Mail SMTP plugin

Or you can get the plugin from the below button directly.


After installing and activating go to "WP Mail SMTP » Settings"  now click on Email Logs tab and enable it as shown in the below GIF.

set up email logs with wordpress
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This will record:

  • Email Status
  • Time & Date
  • Email's Subject Line
  • Recipient Email Addresses
  • From Email
  • Number of Attachments (If accepting Attachment)
  • And few more.

That's it this will start recording your email logs sent through wordpress.

How To View WordPress Email Logs?

You can view your WordPress email logs, click on WP Mail SMTP » Email on the left side Refer to below image to view.

Setup email logs in wordpress
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Credit: WP Forms

To view more detail you can click on the particular subject. 

That's it from my side over to you now. 

If you face any issue you can comment below we will help you to set up email logs in WordPress in any possible ways.

setup Email logs with WordPress
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