October 14, 2019

If you are not receiving any kind of form notification in your email then you need to setup WP Mail SMTP with Amazon SES. 

So, today I'll share how you can setup WP SMTP with Amazon SES. The WP SMTP team recommends to Amazon SES because they send mass emails at reasonable price.

By setting up WP SMTP with Amazon SES you can receive the emails in Inbox not in spam. This increases the engagement and the conversions as well.  


Because if you can't find out the email how can you take the action which will definitely decrease the engagement and you don't want that, Right?

So, follow the steps to setup WP SMTP with Amazon SES.

How to Setup WP SMTP with Amazon SES?


Step 1 - Create a AWS Account

If you don't have existing AWS Account you can click here and create a free AWS Account.

Put up your credit card details while signing up. 

You will be using free account.


Step 2 - Create IAM User

You can click here and create a IAM User with any username according to WP SMTP you can use this format:

"yourdomain_wpmailsmtp" (bloggingflycom_wpmailsmtp)

Now enable programmatic access as shown in the below picture.

setup wp smtp with Amazon SES
  • Save

Then click on "Next: permissions" button in that page.


Step 3 - Configure IAM User Setting Permissions

Now click on "Attach existing policies directly" and select "AmazonSESFullAccess" by searching in search bar. then click on "next:tags" as shown in the below picture.

setup wp smtp with amazon ses
  • Save

In the next page just skip everything and click on "Next:Review" and then on the next page just click "create user" after checking the details are "OK".

Now you will get success message and you will get the access of "Access Key ID" and "Secret Access Key". Just download the CSV or take them in a notepad will need in later steps.


Step 4 - Switch to AWS Production Mode

First click here and follow these carefully.

You'll get 3 boxes on top just select "Server limit increase". 

Now just fill the below detaills in that page. 

  • Limit Type: SES Sending Limits
  • Mail Type: Transactional
  • Website URL: Your site’s home URL
  • My email-sending complies with the AWS Service Terms and AUP: Yes
  • I only send to recipients who have specifically requested my mail: Yes
  • I have a process to handle bounces and complaints: Yes
  • Region: Choose the same region as when you set up your AWS account (whichever is closest to where your site’s server is located).
  • Limit: Desired Daily Sending Quota
  • New limit value: Estimate the maximum number of emails you expect your site to send per day.

After filling that, you’ll need to fill out the "Case Description". In this field, share your details about what type of site you have and why you need to send emails. Also include the type of emails that your site will be sending (Example: confirmations of form submissions, purchase receipts, etc).

After entering just click submit.

Now you will receive 2 emails from Amazon Web Services. Both will confirm that a new case has been created. Now, they will review it and confirm by 1 business day.


Step 5 - Install and Activate WP Mail SMTP Plugin

Now, go an install WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin.  You can read out this article about WP Mail SMTP.


Step 6 - Setup WP Mail SMTP With Amazon SES

First go to "WP Mail SMTP>>Settings"

You will find at the top of the page "From email" you need to enter a valid address I would recommend to use domain specific email address. Example, manish@bloggingfly.com

You have option on choosing "Force from email" you may tick that or you may not. 

You can set "From name" your name or you company name. You can select "Force From Name".

Scroll down to Mailer field and select the Amazon SES box.

You can also select "Return Path" option.

You will see "Amazon SES" options where you have to add "Access key ID" and "Secret Access Key".

After adding it check "region" select your region. 

And then click Save settings. 

Now, you will get "Verified emails" settings. Click on "Add an email address" now add the same email address which you've used for "From Email" and then verify it. 


Step 7 - Send a Test Email

Now just go to Settings>> WP Mail SMTP and click email test and check if its working fine. 

That's it.

So, that was how you can setup WP SMTP with Amazon SES.

Setup WP Mail SMTP with Amazon SES
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