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September 30, 2018

Hello Readers, I'm Manish, Today I'll share something which will definitely going to help you out if you're doing blogging. Because as a Blogger you need SEO Tools to assist you analysis, site content auditing and many more. So, Today I'll do SmallSEOTools Review which will help you a lot its my promise.

Well, there are lot's of tools in the market some charge money for the tools as well. Especially the newbies just waste their money on buying SEO Tools rather they can have free ones. 

One of the Best SEO tools are SmallSEOTools  many of you know it very well but its not new for every blogger for some might be.

So, Let's Get Started. 

Tools Offered By SmallSEOTools (SmallSEOTools Review)

SmallSEOTool is an amazing tool for newbies as well as for experienced bloggers. SmallSEOTools is complete SEO Tools which has Content analysis, Performance and many more. So, there are more than 50+ tools, but I'll discuss few important ones which can help you in SEO.



The first tool is Plagiarism Checker which can help you check whether your content is unique or not. For every bloggers out there having unique content is one of the most important thing.

Even a small duplicate content can harm your ranking.

Why to use ?

Well, If you write content then you must confirm that its original. Sometimes, you ask freelance writers to write now you need to check whether its original or plagiarised content.


  • Only Drawback is you can only analyze 1000 words in one submit.



If you're a Blogger and you know what is backlink and how is it important to rank on search engine. Backlinks checker is one of the most important and useful tool to see how many backlinks does your site has, so that you can plan accordingly if need more.

Why to use ?

BackLink Checker tool is must use Tool which will definitely help you in getting that how many backlinks you have or indexed. This tool by SmallSEOTools is amazing tool. Every Newbie is recommended to use.


  • It doesn't provide detailed information of tha backlink like Follow or NoFollow, authority etc.



Bloggers always wants to analyze the ranking of their keywords in search engine. Presenting, SmallSEOTool's Keyword Rank Checker helps you to see performance in the SERPs. You just need to type your URL and enter your focus keywords (up to max. 5 ), and check your rankings in Search Engine.

Why to use ?

This can help you to generate traffic if your rankings are not improving you can work more on it. This is an another amazing Tool. Isn't It ?


  • One of the Drawback is It does not include other search engines.



SmallSeoTools has the best domain authority checker tool after moz toolbar. It can help you to check your domain's authority.

Similarly, it has Page Authority checker to calculate the Page authority of your URL.

Why to use ?

This can help you to generate traffic if your rankings are not improving you can work more on it. This is an another amazing Tool. Isn't It ?


  • No Drawbacks I found on this Tool.



If you are a Newbie and you don't have budget to go for paid keywords suggestions Tool then definitely you must go for SmallSEOTools Keywords Suggestions. Thus its not a proper tool but you can get idea through it.

Why to use ?

This tool can definitely help you to get keywords ideas which can help you get more related keywords.


  • This is a basic tool. It does not give any information on keyword competition or Keyword's Search volume.



Mostly, Blogger's get's problem while writing content they do have confusions whether the grammar is okay or not. SmallSeoTools has a grammar checker tool that show the mistakes in your sentences to correct them. It’s as easy as just paste your text and it displays the errors which you can change.

Why to use ?

Well, If you write wrong english It might change the meaning or reader can't get what you wrote so you need to check with this tool and be 100% from your side.


  • It has no option to check for complex errors and misused words.
Alternative Paid Tool- Grammarly



Broken Link Checker by SmallSEOTools is one of the awesome tool which I recommend you must use to see whether any Broken Link on site is there or not. So, on that basis you can validate the links or update the links.

Why to use ?

This is must needed tool to keep ranking in google if you have any broken links then it can effect traffic as well as ranking in google.


  • I didn't find any drawback of this tool.

Here are some more tools  by SmallSeoTools trying out are:

  • What is my IP
  • Domain Age checker

There are lot more Tools by SmallSEOTools. SmallSeoTools is a time saver and a recommended tool for anyone whether a newbie or pro. This is the best complete pack of SEO tools for beginners who cannot invest money in premium tools.

According to me, having a complete set of tools for SEO and blogging in a single platform is good. These tools have no learning curve, which is why it’s so much popular.

I have been using SmallSeoTools a lot when I started blogging and that's why I thought to write this SmallSEOTools review

If you have any Queries or any questions regarding anything feel free to comment or mail me here Admin@DigitalTricksTips.com. 

SmallSEOTools Review – Complete SEO Tools for Bloggers
  • SmallSEOTools Review – Complete SEO Tools for Bloggers


Here is SmallSeoTools review to know about helpful SEO tools you need for site analysis, competitor analysis etc. More than 50+ tools are available check now…

SmallSEOTools Review
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Manish Sharma

I am an affiliate marketer & a blogger. I started my blogging career in 2015, and never looked back.

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  1. Thanks about speaking “smallseotools” really it is very helpful tool. I realized after using it. Thanx

  2. Small SEO tool is great for bloggers, I frequently used small SEO tools, 100% recommended the tool, thanks for sharing.

  3. I am having a problem with smallseotools. I recently sighed up and the count is off. I did two scans out of 20, but it’s reading that I’ve used 18 scans with two remaining. I’ve emailed through their support link but no response for week. Any suggestions?

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