How to Build Spam-Free WordPress Contact Forms?

Are you getting spam form submission? There are large number of tools which automate the spam form submission. But in this post, I have got an amazing solution for you which will help you to build spam-free wordpress contact forms.

With WPForms you can build spam-free wordpress contact forms with their in-built reCAPTCHA. So, you will know how to add the reCAPTCHA to your WordPress forms and how to build spam-free WordPress contact forms. 

So, Let's get started.

How to Add reCAPTCHA to Your Contact Forms

Follow these steps carefully to add reCAPTCHA to your contact forms.

Step 1 : Create a contact form in WordPress using WPForms

First of all, Install WPForms and activate it. 

Now, create a new contact form form.

simple contact form WPForms
  • Save

Step 2 : Configure reCAPTCHA settings with Site Key & Secret Key

Go to WP Forms > Settings > reCAPTCHA 

Select reCAPTCHA v3 and then visit here to get site key & secret key.

After clicking on the above link click on Admin Console and then click on + sign and enter details that are asked like domain. 

reCAPTCHA Google
  • Save

After that click on Submit button and you will get the "Site Key" & "Secret Key".

Google reCAPTCHA Keys
  • Save

Now go to your WPForms settings and paste these keys as show in the below picture.

WPForms reCAPTCHA settings
  • Save

Step 3 : Enable in Simple contact form you created.

Click on settings and tick the "Enable Google v3 reCAPTCHA" and save it as shown in the below picture.

enable reCAPTCHA in form
  • Save

That's it you can see reCAPTCHA is enabled in the below picture.

  • Save

I hope it helps. 

You can even install the Custom Captcha addon from WPForms > Addons which will allow you to add more custom captcha's.

That's all from my side hope it helps you can contact me if you face any problems.

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