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Thrive Architect is one of the best WordPress landing page builder by thrive themes. It is made for any website building and also for marketers which is a trend in 2020, people use page builders to make beautiful landing pages.

I'm using it since 2018, and my experience was amazing though when I started using for the first time it was a bit difficult for me to create landing pages, but I spent time and thrive themes have updated regularly and made my job more easy to use it.

Thrive Architect Review: Key Features

  • More than 100 Page Templates.
  • Mobile Friendly Options. 
  • Best Marketing Features.
  • Gradient Backgrounds
  • Works With Almost every themes.

Thrive Architect Review

Thrive Architect is been used by almost 75% of bloggers and its recommended if you want to give reader a awesome experience in reading your blog. If you are into affiliate marketing I would say close you eyes and get Thrive Architect.

If you face any kind of problems you can mail me here: manish@bloggingfly.com anytime will help you out for sure as soon as possible. 

  • More than 100 Page Templates.
  • Mobile Friendly Options. 
  • Best Marketing Features.
  • Gradient Backgrounds.
  • Works With Almost every themes.

Elements of Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect elements comes up with editable options such as font, alignment, color, margin, border, padding, animation, spacing, typefocus, shadow, background, Responsive in mobile and HTML Attributes.

There are two types elements of thrive architect:

1. Foundation.

2. Building Blocks.

Before the beginning of Foundation elements they have Content block which is the latest update and I'm in love with the block they have look at the below screenshots:

content blocks categories - Thrive Architect Review
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You can select any of the categories or type of post you want to create with Thrive Architect from the left sidebar in the above picture.

Content Blocks templetes - Thrive Architect Review
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After selecting the category you will find out many templates where you can insert any template which ever is suitable. 

Now, coming up on Foundation block they have elements like Text, Image, Button, Columns, Background Section, Content Box and Templates & symbols.

Elements of thrive architect - Thrive Architect Review
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The another outstanding element category is Building blocks they have elements like:

  • Click to Tweet
  • Content Reveal
  • Table
  • Countdown
  • Countdown Evergreen
  • Toggle
  • Custom HTML 
  • Custom Menu
  • Tabs
  • Star Rating
  • Disqus Comments
  • Testimonial
  • Credit Card
  • Icon
  • Facebook Comments
  • Pricing table
  • Fill Counter
  • Google Map
  • Divider
  • Lead Generation
  • Post Grid​
  • Progress Bar
  • Styled List
  • Table of Contents
  • Video
  • WordPress content
  • Thrive Leads integration
Building-Blocks-elements - Thrive Architect Review
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Check out their official page for more detailed information.

Thrive Architect Review: Things You Should Know

Thrive Architect helps to make beautiful landing pages but remember if you are new to page builders you might need to spend more time to be friendly with page builders. 

To make mobile friendly page you need to preview the page while the editor is open because sometimes it might break up for mobile friendly.

The developers of Thrive Architect are really working hard and making it more better in their updates.

Thrive Architect Discount Coupon Code

Thrive Architect do not give any discount coupon code.

Thrive Architect Review: Pricing

Thrive Architect isn't free they have pricing for their WordPress plugin.

Thrive Architect Pricing - Thrive Architect Review
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So, If you loved this go and get you license to use this awesome landing page builder.

Thrive Architect Tutorial:

Check out all thrive Architect Tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is thrive architect?

Thrive Architect is the visual page builder for wordpress websites to make the landing page and increase the conversion rates. Thrive Architect is built with an obsessive focus on being as fast as possible to use.

2. Does thrive architect work with any theme?

Thrive Architect supports almost every themes except few MyThemeShop themes. 

Hope this review help you to know about Thrive Architect and if you have any questions you can comment below.

Note: This review is written based on my opinions and on experience of using Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect Review 2020 – Best WordPress Page Builder Review
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Thrive Architect is one of the best WordPress landing page builder by thrive themes. So we present thrive architect review for why its the best in the market.

Thrive architect review
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Manish Sharma

I am an affiliate marketer & a blogger. I started my blogging career in 2015, and never looked back.

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  1. I use Thrive Architect on my affiliate blog and really love it.

    It has saved me so much time and money and my blog posts look super professional.

    By the way, thanks for the review Manish

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