April 25, 2019

Looking for Typeform Alternative? I have simple and awesome conversational form builder which is WPForms. 

WPForms is an drag and drop builder which makes an awesome conversational forms and surveys.

Well, its difficult to find best alternatives. So, here I do a small help by sharing and awesome plugin which helps to create amazing forms.

Best Typeform Alternative for WordPress 2020

Do you know? I have been blogging since a long time and I used to create conversational forms 3-4 months ago I used to try different forms builder plugin like Typeform but didn't find a better plugin.

TypeForm was one of the most popular conversational form builder but it has some downside like:

  1. Typeform FREE Plan offers a very limited features.
  2. TypeForm premium plan is expensive 30$ Per Month and Advanced features plan 59$.
  3. TypeForm stores the data on their store which means your data is stored with them.

But from past few weeks I have tried WPForms which helps me to create conversation forms easier from WP Dashboard. 

Click on the button below and check out the Conversational Form Demo by WPForms.

WPForms is user-friendly and is been used by more than 2 Million people.

Conversational Forms add-on unlocks the feature of collecting feedback, responses and other details directly on Your own WordPress site.

Creating Conversational Forms in WordPress

First of all, Install WPForms and activate the plugin. 

But to get Conversational Form Addon you need "PRO Plan" of WPForms which cost $199. You can use this WPForms Coupon to get 50% OFF.

After getting the PRO Plan you can put your license and activate in your WordPress dashboard. 

Go to WPForms >> Addons and see "Conversational Forms Addon" just click install addon. 

Now you will find option to create Conversational Forms your can easily create Conversational Forms.

Check out below Conversational Form example.

interactive conversational forms wpforms
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You can use conversational forms to improve your form completion rate on:

  • Survey Forms Rate 

About 30% of users abandon the form because they’re too long or complicated. Conversational Forms has one-question at a time improves your survey completion rate.

  • User Feedback Form 

You can create User Feedback form for your projects, Ideas and Improve your Online Business. Work best when someone Unsubscribe from your services.

You can use your conversational forms landing page in navigation menu, emails or in blog posts too. 

Hope, this helps you to create conversational forms easily with no hard work.

Typeform alternative wpforms
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Manish Sharma

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  3. Short But To-the point!
    Thank you for not elaborating unnecessarily. Definitely this post on Typeform alternative, I was watching videos and googling stuff.
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