October 14, 2018

A lot of people have asked me about choosing platform that is WordPress or Blogger. Before I say which is Best I would list few points which will give you answer to every question I guess.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Which is Better and Why?

In this article, I'll do WordPress vs Blogger comparison to help you decide which one is best for your needs. It will definitely help you to select the suitable platform for you.

WordPress Vs Blogger

WordPress Vs Blogger – Which One is Best and Why?
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    Ownership - Blogger is a platform provided by Google for blogging. It is free, reliable most of the time, and with no extra restrictions. Well, it is not owned by you. Google own/runs this Platform and has the right to shut it down, or shutdown your access to it at any time.

    You use WordPress hosting provider to host your own site. You are free control everything like when to start and when to shut. You own all your data of blog, and you control what information you share with any third party. 
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    Features & Controls - Blogger is a platform with very limited tools and features allowing you to perform only specific tasks on your website build with blogger. The things you can do on your blogspot blog are limited, and there is no way you can extend them to meet a need.                                                                                                                                                                       WordPress is an open source software, so you can easily extend it to add new features as per your needs. There are thousands of WordPress plugins allowing you to modify and extend the default feature set such as adding a store to your website, creating portfolio, creating landing pages etc.

    When comparing WordPress vs Blogger for business websites, then WordPress is hands down the best long-term solution for any serious business owner.
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    Appearance and Themes - If we talk about the look or Appearance of your blogger site than Blogger provides a limited numbers of templetes to use. You can change colors and modify the layout of the site. There are some non-official Blogger templates available on internet, but those templates are usually very low quality.                                                                 On the other hand, If we talk about WordPress then there are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes are available which allow you to create professional looking websites with easy customizations. There is a WordPress theme for just about every kind of website which you need. Whatever you need, you will find lots of high quality themes which are easy to modify and customize.
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    Security - Now when it comes to security If you are using Blogger you have the added advantage of Google’s robust secure platform. You don’t need to worry about managing your server’s resources, securing your blog, or creating backups or from hacking in blogger platform.

    WordPress is quite secure, but since it is a self hosted solution you are responsible for security and backups. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that make it easier for you to keep your site secured. You need to manage server resource and backup as well.
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    Support There is limited support available for Blogger. They have a very basic documentation and a user’s forum. In terms of support, your choices are very limited to have good support.

    WordPress has a very active community support system. There is online documentation, community forums, and various blogging related sites as well where you can get help from experienced WordPress users and developers about your queries.
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    Future - Blogger does not have major update for a very long time. We have seen Google kill their popular services such as Google Reader, Google Adsense for feeds, and the possible demise of FeedBurner. Future of Blogger depends on Google, and they have the right to shut it down whenever they want.                                                                              WordPress is an Open Source software which means its future is not dependent on one company or individual. It is developed by a community of developers and users. Being world’s most popular content management system, thousands of businesses around the globe depend on it. The future of WordPress is bright and will be growing up higher. 
WordPress Vs Blogger – Which One is Best and Why?
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So, After knowing this you can decide which is best suitable platform for you. Well, I am using WordPress which is an awesome platform with unlimited number of features. Now, if you want to shift to WordPress you will need a best Uptime hosting to host your blog. If you need hosting you can watch this article - Top Best Hosting Providers In India if you have any problem in selecting you can get Hosting from here - SiteGround they are one of the  best hosting providers.

If you still have any queries regarding WordPress Vs Blogger platform please do comment below I'll reply you with my experience of blogging.​​

WordPress Vs Blogger – Which One is Best and Why?
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