July 16, 2019

Lots of people face issues when someone signup, subscribes or fill the form but couldn't send emails. So, for that I have the best solution for you'll. The solution is WP Mail SMTP Pro.

There is a new wordpress plugin called WP Mail SMTP Pro which is a product by WP Forms is the best solution for sending email's from WordPress dashboard.

WP Mail SMTP Pro Review

WP Mail SMTP PRO allows you to set up SMTP on your site using different mailer options:

  • Gmail or G Suite
  • Mailgun
  • SendGrid
  • Other SMTP

Latest update is: 

  • Outlook 365 — Send emails with Outlook 365 with our Microsoft mailer
  • Amazon SES Mailer — Use the power of AWS with our Amazon SES integration
  • Email Logging — Keep track of every email sent from your WordPress site
  • Email Control — Manage notification emails

Over 1M+ websites uses WP Mail SMTP. It is very easy to do setup and use WP Mail SMTP Pro. Here is our review of WP Mail SMTP PRO.





Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

It has average rating of 4.6 on WordPress.org plugin directory. So, we hope we are able to solve your problem of sending emails directly from your WordPress dashboard.

WP Mail SMTP Pro - Send Mails Right From WP Dashboard
  • WP Mail SMTP Pro


Lots of people face issues when someone signup, subscribes or fill the form but couldn’t send emails. So, WP Mail SMTP Pro is best for you, here’s why?

wp mail smtp pro
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